Strange SEO Tricks and Ideas for 2021

Strange SEO Tricks and Ideas for 2021

Learning and trying new SEO tactics to achieve tremendous results as an SEO agency is never late. These basic strategies include building links, creating high-quality content, and using long-tailed keyword focus. Meanwhile, there are more options in the SEO agency’s toolbox, which is why we would like to consider some of them.

At the same time, the core responsibility of SEO services and companies is to create strategies that generate leads, convert customers and sustain the business. And while there are common strategies that people can quickly learn, there are unique options that are still hidden and strange. Therefore, let us consider some of these peculiar SEO tricks that can boost your traffic in 20221.

Uncommon SEO Tricks and Ideas for your Site

  1. Pillar Page Optimization

When referring to pillar page optimization, we are moving from uncommon practices to simply the best ones. In addition, the strategy is not as much an SEO trick employed by agencies as a sophisticated style. If you intend to upgrade your site’s SEO, pillar pages are the number one improvement to consider. It is beneficial when your site contains content libraries. 

So, what exactly are pillar pages? A pillar page refers to a page that contains and links to every topic you have in a particular category. For example, suppose of all the issues on your site, there are about 20 titles on content marketing. In that case, you can create a single topic on content marketing that contains links to all of the 30 other pages within that category.

Therefore, a pillar page can serve as a hub of all related articles on your site. Amazingly, an SEO agency with pillar page expertise can enhance crawlers’ chances of missing your site’s information. As long as the page interlinks with other similar pages like a web, the easier it is for the crawler to deliver quality content to the page users.

  • Optimize all Video Contents

It is hard to remove video content optimization from a successful SEO campaign by an SEO agency. An effective SEO strategy must be good enough to appear for video search results. After optimizing the videos that contain target keywords, you should review each one. The review process should ensure the correct titles, tags, keywords, and meta-descriptions.

At the same time, while preparing the videos, ensure that you include your video transcript on the site. Such innovation is essential if your site visitor has a hearing impairment. At the same time, videos require choosing a thumbnail with an optimized image and not for an automatic choice. Statistics show that human-selected thumbnails attract 30% more play than others. 

  • Robots Exclusion Protocol

The robots exclusion protocol (robots.txt) should be part of your sitemap. This file instructs the web crawlers about the particular pages on your site that should be indexed. On the other hand, it skips those pages you specify to be ignored. This strategy is essential if you have a massive site with many pages that run into thousands.

However, Google frowns at having many irrelevant pages for the crawler. In addition, you should remove all duplicate and zombie pages and pages with a low value of resources for the user. Therefore, the robots.txt exclusion principle stops the web crawlers from indexing the pages with shared values. And the result is concentrating on the optimized pages to satisfy visitors. 

  • Leverage on Shareable images

Backlinks are not only referring to text contents, as many assume. Still, they can also work significantly in images and other content types. Embedding image backlinks requires some level of shareable images compressed together in a single piece of content. However, an idea that will serve as a backlink must produce an attractive and unique visual. How do you work these things out?

  • Use relevant images to the piece that you have or are writing
  • Diversify image types to include charts, infographics, graphs, and some other data-centric materials that are easy for users to repurpose
  • Generate embedded codes for all your images and make sure the codes are easy to find
  • Prepare for Voice Queries

A vital part of an SEO agency’s work is the role of voice searches in bringing out the desired results for users. Due to convenience, some consumers prefer to do a voice search. And as voice search is increasingly becoming popular, an SEO expert should prepare for it. Notably, the introduction of Google assistant as an AI innovation enhances the use of voice searches.

So, it is essential to use keyword phrases that can bring people into your site by voice searches. And a competent SEO agency should also integrate such strategies in their SEO campaign. Often, voice search keywords can be in questions, queries, or informational keyword searches. In addition, you can tweak your existing keyword to create diversities of voice search options.

  • Be consistent with NAP Information 

NAP information refers to the updated details of your Name, Address, and Phone number. These pieces of information are instrumental to enhancing local SEO searches where your updated info helps local seekers to find your business. The two most prominent tools are Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. In addition, users can now easily find you by proxy. In addition, the update is essential when your business moves to a new physical location. Apart from the venue, the period of availability of opening hours may also change and therefore requires updating the information. When you provide consistent information this way, it is easier for search engines to meet with geo-targeted results through the algorithms. Click here to learn about Google’s Site Search.