The Drawbacks of Using Pre-built Themes for Website SEO Ranking

The Drawbacks of Using Pre-built Themes for Website SEO Ranking

When SEO Agency set out to establish a website, it can be quite tempting to choose a website theme that has already been developed and is available for purchase off the shelf. However, the drawbacks of using pre-built website themes don’t frequently become apparent until much later on in the process.

Pre-built themes are an alternative that is simpler and more affordable, and they often seem extremely nice in the previews, which is one of the reasons why they are so alluring. However, contrary to popular belief, that “you get what you pay for” is generally accurate.

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The following are some of the most significant problems:


The majority of pre-built themes will come with a variety of various features and plugin integrations. This is done so that the theme may cover a wide range of functionality or design components that may be required by the website. This isn’t always advantageous because not all of these features will be used, leaving the website bloated with code that isn’t essential.

The functionality of a custom theme is limited to that which is necessary for a certain website and is written in a way that is exclusive to that website.

Demanding of Significant Resources

Because pre-built themes have many template versions and functionality, the additional code that these themes contain can have an impact on the performance of the site and make it tough to optimise. Some will also come with mandatory plugins to install, which, in the event that they are not utilised, may needlessly slow down the website.

A Design That Is Too Strict

The amount of customizability offered by a pre-built theme can change, but it is often restricted to the pre-built templates that the theme supplies. Because so many pre-built themes have a same appearance and structure, it might be challenging to differentiate your website from the other sites on the market.

The designer has the luxury of beginning from scratch when working with a custom theme, giving them the chance to create a design that is 100 percent unique to their clientele and will appeal to their target audience. You may also modify a custom theme so that it fits in with your existing identity and make sure that it is reflected consistently throughout the site.

Update Dependent

Themes that have already been produced will include upgrades to subsequent versions in the event that any bugs or security flaws are discovered, as well as to ensure that the theme is kept current with newer CMS releases.

These are dependent on the theme developer being able to supply them in a timely manner in the event that, for instance, a new theme exploit is found or a CMS upgrade is released. Any integrations of plugins will also need keeping those plugins at their most recent versions, which may in some cases call for additional licencing if they are not included in theme updates.

Sometimes significant changes are made as part of a theme update, which might result in current functionality or design components becoming corrupted and necessitating manual repair.

When a new version of a CMS is published, it’s also conceivable for the creator of a theme to choose to either entirely withdraw support for the theme or just stop updating it. This would make the theme susceptible to hacking and hopelessly out of date.

The Quality of the Code

The vast majority of themes that can be purchased come with demos that allow you to preview how certain pages and templates will appear in advance. On the other hand, these demonstrations concentrate almost entirely on displaying the design and the front-end components; it is not always easy to judge the quality of the code only on these examples.

It is highly unlikely that any faults associated with the theme will be discovered until after the theme has been purchased and installed.

SEO Limitations

It is not feasible to review the theme’s code before making a purchase, and similarly, it is not possible to examine whether or not the theme is optimised for search engine optimisation (SEO) effectively. If the theme is not suitable to follow best practises for SEO, this might prevent an SEO campaign from reaching its full potential and achieving its goals.

Support That Is Restricted

The additional support that comes with paid themes might vary, but most of them will feature a bug-reporting mechanism in the form of a ticketing system or a comment area. This support is greatly dependent on how responsive the developer is. 

The vast majority of themes, following the first purchase, will also have a period of time during which they will give assistance for these kinds of requests. When this offer has run its course, there is a possibility that an extra fee may be demanded in order to obtain a response to a support issue.

Because of these significant drawbacks of pre-built website themes, the Web team that we employ exclusively develops custom-built themes. In this manner, we are able to provide assurances about the quality and durability of the websites that we produce.

Unfortunately, as you can see for yourself, this is not the case when working with pre-built themes.

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